Ace Doctor Who Podcast #1: The Woman Who Fell To Earth

We finally got together to get this new show on the road!

What did Paul and James make of the first episode of the Chibnall / Whittaker era? Do they have any idea who Bradley Walsh is? And will they ever get around to discussing the plot?

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A new era begins!

It’s approximately 40 hours since The Woman Who Fell To Earth aired on BBC1 and I’m waiting in a cafe in Soho waiting to record the first edition of our new podcast.

Recording podcasts is just like riding a bike – you crash repeatedly due to your dyspraxia, throw your metal steed off a cliff in frustration, and accidentally find a humming alien pod while trying to fish it out of a tree.

At least, that’s what we’re hoping.

Since we said farewell to our last podcast, Doctor Who has been regenerating under a new showrunner while we humans continue to age and develop irrational prejudices.

I can’t speak for my fellow podcaster, but I’ve tried very hard to not learn any titbits of information about the new show.

I want to go into it with an absolutely open mind and to be completely surprised and angered by any unexpected plot twists, or outrageous changes, like I don’t know, the Doctor now only communicates in rhyme or one of the doctor’s new companions is played by Jim Davidson.

Taking anti-research into new and aggressive territories, I haven’t even seen Chris Chibnall’s Broadchurch series, or any of Jodie Whittaker’s previous work, such as, ahem, Chris Chibnall’s Broadchurch series.

I have seen the Cyberwoman episode of Torchwood, though. Eeeeeesh.


Hello! We are Paul and James, and we have had the novel idea of doing a Doctor Who podcast. With the exciting new era of a female Doctor about to get underway, clearly what the universe needs now is two white middle class guys talking about Doctor Who on the internet. FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER.

We called it the Ace Doctor Who Podcast because, well… you understand. Don’t you?

This is not our first attempt at Doctor Who podcasting. Some of you will remember us from the world’s nichest podcast: the Cricket and Doctor Who podcast, which was 50% about Who and 50% about cricket.

Tiring of explaining to people that, no, you don’t have to like cricket and Doctor Who to listen*, we thought, heck, let’s pick one of our two loves and have an entire podcast dedicated to that instead.

And here it is.

We’ll try our damndest to update our podcasts on Mondays, or as soon after new episodes are aired as possible (Sunday nights: exciting! And it sort of makes sense). And we hope to have special guest stars, mysterious new features and hell, even the occasional video. I hear video is big nowadays? We might be a bit old to become YouTube sensations.

We look forward to your ears listening to our podcast.

* “No, it’s not about instances of cricket in Doctor Who and instances of Doctor Who in cricket, there aren’t many of either… well yes, there is the 5th Doctor I suppose… etc etc.