Ace Doctor Who Podcast Episode #17: Revolution of the Daleks

Daleks at Number Ten

We’re back, to discuss the New Year’s Day episode starring Jodi Whittaker as the Doctor and Chris Noth as Sir Kier Starmer. Paul and James discuss Captain Jack, the fam, creeping neo-fascism, and whether trying to become a writer yourself makes you less harsh on Chris Chibnall.

PI’m We are happy to be back after our latest hiatus. I have photoshopped my new head onto our cover art to celebrate. You can find all our old episodes here on the website, and see us on Twitter @acedrwho. Happy New Year everyone!

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Ace Doctor Who Podcast Episode #12 – review of Spyfall parts 1 & 2

We’re back! Did you miss us? Paul and James got together to talk about the opening two episodes of Series 12 (or, if you’re old grumps like us, Series 36), with Jody Whittaker returning as The Doctor and Chris Chibnall – sigh – returning as showrunner.

Along the way we talk about Britbox, the new streaming service that allows us to watch more Classic Who than we possibly even deserve, discuss the value of pastiche, and spill beer on our socks. Also one of us recites a song we might have written about Lenny Henry being a bomb.

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Ace Doctor Who Podcast #1: The Woman Who Fell To Earth

We finally got together to get this new show on the road!

What did Paul and James make of the first episode of the Chibnall / Whittaker era? Do they have any idea who Bradley Walsh is? And will they ever get around to discussing the plot?

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