Ace Doctor Who Podcast #11: Resolution

Happy New Year! Paul and James chat Resolution [of the Daleks], UNIT vs. Brexit, disagree slightly on the Ryan ‘n’ Aaron cafe scene, and ponder whether this was the best seasonal Doctor Who special yet.

We want to hear your views on the first Whittaker / Chibnall series as a whole: get in touch via email or on Twitter and we’ll record a special review episode in the near future.

Thanks to everyone who has listened to our podcast since our regeneration. You’re lovely.

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2 thoughts on “Ace Doctor Who Podcast #11: Resolution”

  1. Hi guys! Loved the podcast, as always. Just a note on the humorous “UNIT defunding” scene: I don’t think it had anything to do with Brexit. The US is, by far, the largest financial backer of the UN. Has been since the UN was founded…in New York City. However, Trump has been progressively cutting funding for the UN for a while now. I’m pretty sure that’s what the “financial withdrawal by the UK’s foreign partners” was about.

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  2. Hello Joshua! Thanks for listening. You make an excellent point on UNIT – though since it got rebranded in the noughties I thought they’d removed the explicit United Nations affiliation. Which would be a shame – nowt says rules based international order like the UN!


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