A new era begins!

It’s approximately 40 hours since The Woman Who Fell To Earth aired on BBC1 and I’m waiting in a cafe in Soho waiting to record the first edition of our new podcast.

Recording podcasts is just like riding a bike – you crash repeatedly due to your dyspraxia, throw your metal steed off a cliff in frustration, and accidentally find a humming alien pod while trying to fish it out of a tree.

At least, that’s what we’re hoping.

Since we said farewell to our last podcast, Doctor Who has been regenerating under a new showrunner while we humans continue to age and develop irrational prejudices.

I can’t speak for my fellow podcaster, but I’ve tried very hard to not learn any titbits of information about the new show.

I want to go into it with an absolutely open mind and to be completely surprised and angered by any unexpected plot twists, or outrageous changes, like I don’t know, the Doctor now only communicates in rhyme or one of the doctor’s new companions is played by Jim Davidson.

Taking anti-research into new and aggressive territories, I haven’t even seen Chris Chibnall’s Broadchurch series, or any of Jodie Whittaker’s previous work, such as, ahem, Chris Chibnall’s Broadchurch series.

I have seen the Cyberwoman episode of Torchwood, though. Eeeeeesh.

Author: jamesofwalsh

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